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How you can donate and help CLC

No matter what our financial circumstances, we believe God encourages us to lead a life of faith-fuelled, sacrificial generosity. The Bible gives us numerous examples of God’s people obediently and generously giving.

As part of our faithful walk with Jesus we believe that tithing (giving 10% of our income to the local church) is a great place to start. In a culture where money is a god to so many, we want to be known as a church who are radical, sacrificial and Spirit-led in our generosity. This is where each of us play our part in furthering God’s Kingdom in the city of Wolverhampton, in the Black Country and beyond. The work of CLC is financed entirely by the offerings of those who attend this church. If you would call this your church then we invite you to give in one of the following ways.

ways you can donate:



As part of our worship on Sundays, there is an opportunity to give through the offering. 



Send our finance team a short email about giving and they'll get back to you about the next steps.

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