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For what's on this month please see our Teaching series...

CLC Rhythm of Life

 Continuing our new mid-week rhythm for Gathered Church of Fellowship, Bible Study, Prayer and Godspace  


Commencing Sunday 8th January to 14th January join us for a week of Prayer & Fasting
Prayer and fasting.jpg
Freedom V2.jpg

Commencing Thursday 19th January @ 7.30pm our 10-week Discipleship Course "Freedom in Christ" will be running each week until the end of March.  Contact Ps. Brian for more details, and sign up using MyChurchsuite or notify the office

Oasis Welcome Hub

Every Thursday & Friday from 11.30am - 4pm.


On Sunday 15th January @ 6:30pm our Prayer & Fasting culminates in Godspace - join us again as make space for God to do only what he can do!



Flourish Women's Fellowship will be on Saturday 21st January 12pm - 2:30pm


12:00pm -2:30pm

 Every 2nd & last Friday of the month

To book please contact Sharon

Mobile: 07878011391

Covid guidelines we are currently following: 
  • Face coverings are optional but recommended 

  • People could consider taking a lateral flow test before attending gatherings

  • We will ensure enhanced ventilation (circulate fresh air to avoid build up of stale air/ possible virus aerosols before and during events)

  • We have in place rigorous hygiene (provide and use of hand sanitiser, regular cleaning regimes, safe provision of refreshments)

[Places of worship are exempt from the need for Covid Passports]

Ps Brian

 If unable to attend in person you can catch the highlights including the sermon during the week on our YouTube channel  CLCWolverhampton

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